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Aug 18, 2016

How to Focus Your Ministry Time

Thom Rainer writes that pastors can waste a lot of time on social media, counseling that they aren’t qualified to do, and handling phone calls and meetings that can drain time and energy. He suggests minimizing meetings, handling conversations as they come up, focusing on meeting agendas, and cutting non-essential tasks or having a secretary administrative tasks.

Source: Church Central

Nigerian Pastor Says Don’t Marry a Woman Who Can’t Cook

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God, shared in a recent sermon his guidelines for marriage. Adeboye advised his members to marry within the church so that pastors can help them during difficult times, but he added that men should not marry a woman who cannot cook and who cannot pray for at least an hour.

Source: Christian Today

Transgender Bathroom Mandate Challenged by Ohio Pastors

After the U.S. Department of Education called for schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their gender identity, 100 pastors in Ohio wrote a letter calling on a change to the law and vowing civil disobedience. The pastors from Richland County argued that the mandate defied logic and could lead to privacy concerns.

Source: World Religion News

Churches Will Resemble Their Pastors

Churches tend to resemble their pastors, and that is especially true for new churches. The healthier the pastor, the more spiritually healthy the church will be. While sometimes a predecessor can create a toxic culture that can last for years, in many cases a church will begin to resemble the pastor after 5 years of influence.

Source: Christianity Today

Why a Baptist Pastor Fought the Beatles

After John Lennon joked that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, Baptist pastor Rev. Thurman H. Babbs of New Heaven Baptist Church in Cleveland threatened to revoke the membership of anyone who supports the Beatles. One person posted a sign along a Pennsylvania road that read: “God Forever, Beatles Never.” Lennon apologized for the remark, but ticket sales surged in the wake of the controversy.


Aug 12, 2016

How to Understand Who Your Donors Are

In current church giving trends, 15% of the church will donate roughly half of the church’s budget, and that percentage tends to drop the larger the church. In addition, half of that 15% will donate half of the capital campaign dollars. This small segment of donors are critical for the success of any fundraising campaign or meeting a church budget.

Source: The Charis Group

Churches Add Security in America

A series of threats and vandalism incidents in America have many church attendees on their guard in the event of a radical Islamist attack. With plentiful guns and easy online access to radical teachings, many fear that a church could be the next terror attack target after the murder of Rev. Jacques Hamel, in the Normandy town of St.-Étienne-du-Rouvray. Many churches are adding security guards and working on ways to prepare members for an attack.

Source: FOX news

How Generation Z Will Change Our Culture

Generation Z, those born after 1998, are the first generation that has been truly native to the internet and to computers. They make up 25% of the US population and will turn 18 this year. They are more culturally diverse and have yet to exert their influence on the wider culture, but they will soon, and changes are coming. They are wired to social media frequently, but social media also impacts their self-esteem. They report that they prefer Instagram and video content, averaging 11 hours of viewing online video content per week.

Source: Facts and Trends


Aug 5, 2016

Our Brains Are Wired to Respond to Text Messages

Smartphones are addictive and our brain's instinctively respond to pings and social media updates, triggering dopamine rewards that make it a pleasure to check your phone. The expectation of text messages and the dopamine reward override the judgment of the prefrontal cortex where most judgment and reasoning occurs.

Source: CNN

Cell Phones Blocked in British Bar

The Gin Tub, a bar south of London, has employed technology from the 1830’s called a Faraday Cage to block cell phone signals inside of the bar. Patrons are unable to use their phones in the bar, and for the most part, it has changed the culture of the bar, winning the loyalty of many who enjoy the experience.

Source: Digital Trends

Politics More Comfortable Than Religion for Americans

A LifeWay study found that 64% of Americans have had at least three conversations about politics in the past month, and 59% would rather talk about politics, compared to 41% who would rather talk about religion. 2 in 1 evangelicals talk about their religion more than politics. Men were more likely than women to prefer politics over religion.

Source: Facts and Trends