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Jan 27, 2017

Stetzer Pleads for Christians to Share News Responsibly

In an editorial for Christianity Today, Ed Stetzer writes that the truth will set us free, but Christians have been among some of the most likely to share fake news, with a popular Christian news site providing one of the clearest examples of bad reporting. Stetzer encouraged readers to consider sharing true, factual news as part of their Christian witness and reliable Gospel messengers.

Source: Christianity Today

Don’t Break the Law During the Super Bowl

Churches are allowed to host Super Bowl viewing parties regardless of screen size, but there are several key restrictions. For starters, a church cannot charge admission, although donations to cover food costs are permitted. Churches also cannot use official logos for the NFL or the teams playing in promotional material.

Source: Facts & Trends

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Jan 21, 2017

Pastoral Missteps and Renewed Faith Top CT News

In the list of the top 20 stories from Christianity Today, a number of pastoral missteps and removals topped the news in 2016, including Andy Stanley’s regret that he said it’s selfish to attend a small church and the resignation of Darrin Patrick from Acts 29 and his St. Louis church The Journey. However, the charismatic renewal of Bethel Church continues and former atheist Nicole Cliffe wrote about how God messed up her “happy atheist life.”

Source: Christianity Today


Why this story matters for church leaders:

People will always want to know about pastors who failed or overstepped their boundaries in some way, so church leaders should have clear accountability and restoration plans should a misstep happen.


  • Communication Mishaps: With recorded sermons today, a comment can go out of context quickly and become news.
  • Review Processes: Is your church at a stage where it may help to have a trusted colleague or member to read over your sermon notes in order to catch potential problems?
  • Testimonies Are Powerful: One of the most popular stories at Christianity Today was a conversion story, which reminds us that a testimony can still encourage many.

Is there one particular lesson or action step your church can take based on this story?

Jan 13, 2017

Quarter of Americans Look to Presidents for Solutions

A LifeWay poll asking Americans who they look to in order to solve the problems in America found that only 23% relied on the U.S. president to solve their problems. Only 11% trusted in preachers and 10% looked toward college professors. However, 33% choose “none of the above” in their response.

Source: LifeWay


3 Growing Trends for Healthy Churches

Thom Rainer has noticed three key trends that are leading to healthier churches throughout America. For starters, he’s seeing longer pastoral tenures, and he hopes that will continue since longer tenures tend to correlate with more effective ministry. Rainer also sees renewed emphasis on practical ministries and a commitment to ongoing learning within the ministry context.

Source: Facts and Trends


Compassion International Finds All Sponsors for Four Countries

All of the children available to be sponsored through Compassion International in four countries, El Salvador, Indonesia, Rwanda, and Tanzania, were sponsored at a recent event, making it the largest surge in sponsorships to date. Roughly 14% of the 50,000 conference attendees at a Passion event signed up to support children with education, healthcare, food, and the gospel for $38 a month.

Source: Christianity Today